Friday, February 10, 2017

The walking dead𓀠𓀡

Lately I have found a love for the show the walking dead. This begins of with the zombie apocalypse as the main character wakes up from a come. This tv series is quite long, and is still going, but it is action packed from start to end. The series is put together in a way that you make very strong connections with all the characters. Throughout the series, many new characters come up while other die, but it seems like the coolest characters always seem to end up making it. Even if you feel that there is no way they could live.

This show used to take up all of my free hours, but s i kept watching I began to start noticing a pattern as they would find a place with people, and the people would always turn on them. I quit watching the show as of now, but when I did watch it I loved it.
Not only did I watch the series, I read the comic book as well. The comic was made before the movie. The movie follows the comic line, but to make in unpredictable they often stray from the story line making it unique. As if they followed the comic all the way it would not be very amusing if you knew what was gong to happen.

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