Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Chance the rapper
music is huge in America. most people, including myself listen to music on a day to day basis. My favorite songs are rap songs. My favorite artist is Jcole. He often tells stories with his music. The song I like the most is called Apparently. I also listen to songs in Spanish due to the influence from my soccer team. My favorite Spanish song has to be Gasolina. I attempted to learn to play the guitar back in 7th grade. I have to admit it is very tough, and eventually, I quit. Other than jcole, I really enjoy chance the rapper. He thinks outside of the box, and is a very creative rapper. Some more rappers I enjoy are 21 savage and Kodak black.

Monday, September 19, 2016

About me

About me
My name is Jackson Fairbanks. I am a sophomore at Fortuna High. I play varsity soccer, and my favorite soccer team is Man City. My soccer team is currently ranked #1 overall in the state of California. As the majority of the soccer team speaks Spanish, I would like to be fluent in Spanish after my four years of high school. Music is a big part of my life. My favorite song is "Apparently" by Jcole. I have a family of five, and one of those five happen to be my twin sister (yes we can read each others mind). My Mom lived in Morocco when she was younger. My Grandpa was in the Navy and they lived on the navy base there.  She went to preschool on the navy base.  She had a housekeeper named Fatna that was a Berber indian and had tattoos on her chin.  In my town, Fortuna California, my life is consumed with school, soccer, and homework. What do you do on a normal basis in Moroco? What is the most popular sport? What do you study in school? If  have an xbox one and want to play Fifa 17 commentyour username.

Home and culture

My home and culture
My favorite part about my home and culture is that every day I can go play soccer. I am especially happy with the soccer community as we are all a family, and we work hard and have fun together. I am grateful that my parents work hard, so i don't have to get a job, and can enjoy my high school years. The community we have in Fortuna is a friendly community with not a lot of people. This lets us build connections with people that we might never have if the population was bigger. If I had to change one thing about Fortuna is the stereo type, or the "one story" people have about us. Anywhere i go if i tell people I am from Humboldt county, the county that my home town is in, they assume its a place full of drug users, especially marijuana. If anyone actually came to Fortuna, which people don't often do, they would see that drugs aren't extremely present as the stereo types say they are. Other than that the only thing i would change is the amount of stores, and activities we lack. Forcing us to travel out of Humboldt counties winding long roads.